Yellow bucket

A kind of public design competition was held recently, called There’s a Hole in My Bucket. This competition was members of the public taking photos of things they thought were badly designed, with a numbered yellow bucket in the picture as well. A few people took photos of buildings:

Bucket 19 – “Where’s the gallery?”

Bucket 19 - Christine Ledwich

Bucket 29 – “I believe architecture should be SO much more than this.” (I agree, but this building always makes me think of that pithy Robert Venturi aphorism: the only thing worse than vulgar urbanism is tasteful urbanism)

Bucket 29 - Anton Ward

Bucket 42 – “Where does the responsibility lie for creative implementation when it comes to permanent architectural structures? The owner? The Architect? The Local Planning Authorities? When is it right to dedicate a permanent three story structure to a mediocre contemporary? ”

Bucket 42 - Curtis Martlew

Bucket 92 – “When is it right to dedicate a permanent three story structure to a mediocre contemporary?”

Bucket 92 - Kaleb Griffiths and Sally Chessell


2 Responses to Yellow bucket

  1. cararebecca says:

    there are some great ones there. have to give an emphatic F*CK YEH! to the bucket tossed in front of the nasty tilt-up garish crapness on swanston st. less than a year old and already cracking, so wrong in every way. i ride past it every day and weep a little bit.

    check out no# 41- by the kids who share our studio, starring mike the year-out ninja from our office

  2. ari says:

    i never quite know if i should laugh or cry when i go past that building, it is just so ridiculous! and definitely very vulgar. but at least it isn’t more tasteful boring dullness.

    but it is still damn ugly. and cracking is not cool.

    bucket #41 is ace!

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