i’m not sure what i think about this article and the attitude regarding what ‘architect-designed’ represents. i think i am being a little precious about it all and am a bit overtired so will avoid ranting for now- so, your thoughts, fellow arkatekcha-kids?

 Meyers Place review in The Age


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  1. ari says:

    i like The Age, i like Clem Bastow, but whenever they review a bar they basically instantly de-cool-ify it. the Croft Institute is probably the best example of this phenomenon.

    but i digress.

    firstly, most buildings are NOT architect designed, heck, plenty aren’t even designed by drafties, just by a builder and the client working off graph paper. i’ve heard estimates that the number of new houses designed by architects each year between 3 and 10 per cent. i reckon this figure would be lower in Caroline Springs.

    secondly, i hate to say it but i think Clem makes a good point when she says that “the architect-designed concept has been hijacked by the world’s worst buildings”. sadly, there is a lot of s***e out there designed by architects.

    i heard someone comment the other day when speaking about racism that a group of people is usually judged by the actions of the worst of the group. i think this is perhaps true of architecture as well. people see one rubbish building designed by an architect and assume that architects are also pretty rubbish.

    thirdly, i think Clem, like so many people, is confusing ‘minimal’ for ‘architectural’. i’ve never seen an architect type reach for their ventolin when confronted with the red shag walls at Meyers Place, and i’ve been drinking there with a LOT of architect types. and i wonder what these “design rules” are that she’s talking about? mysterious…

    also, whilst i have my reservations about the *design* of Crown Casino i think that people mostly dislike the *function* and simply attack the design out of hand.

    having said all this, i would answer in the affirmative to Clem’s concluding sentence: i do want “architect designed” to mean something!

    perhaps Clem should sit in on a show with her station mates at RRR, The Architects, she might just learn something.

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