The value of good design

Reading in The Age the other day that Bovis Lend Lease has been announced as the new builder for the Royal Children’s Hospital redevelopment. According to the article the architects are Billard Lease and Bates Smart.

Apparently these guys won the tender on the basis of the design, which is nice.


4 Responses to The value of good design

  1. cara says:

    it’s great to finally witness some tangible evidence of the work of the Vic Govt Architect’s office trickling through the acres of bureaucracy and processes. hoorah!

  2. ari says:

    indeed, though apparently the other consortium featured Grimshaw architects…

    and i hate to diss a melbourne firm (well, okay perhaps not) but i must admit i think that Grimshaw are better designers than either of the winning firms! especially after having to regularly view the depressing pile of uninspired grey boxiness that is the Alfred hospital extension by BS. it is truly awful, i think it would just make me feel sicker if i was a patient there.

  3. simonwollan says:

    Apparently this is the job Grimshaw was glad to lose – too much infighting amongst the consultants, and not enough left for the architects to do once the health planners had their way.

  4. ari says:

    with Melbourne the loser…

    though to be fair, i haven’t seen the winning design or Grimshaw’s design, i’m just going on past projects from both.

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