The nominations for the 2007 Stirling Prize are out, there’s a nice little gallery at The Guardian.

The token ‘blobby’ building up for nomination seems to be like a lot of other blobby buildings in that it kind of doesn’t look like a building but like a discreet scaleless object, something I think a lot of the big modernists buildings do too (Farnsworth house is a good example).

On the Farnsworth house, according to the wonderful Rory on The Architects this evening, Brad Pitt is shooting a Japanese jeans ad there and donating part of his fee to help fix the place up a bit.


2 Responses to Stirling

  1. cara says:

    oh darling brad pitt- so easy to tease about his puppy love of frank gehry and lack of creditals – [the gutter are a prime example of this vitrol] :

  2. ari says:

    it is indeed easy to tease him, but unfortunately i think he’s done more for architectural publicity than most *actual* architects…

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