Venice 2008

Speaking of Beer Swilling OZ architects overseas the Venice 2008 shortlist looked something like this: Heneghan, Neustein, Corrigan, BKK and Soren Luckins. “Fleur” Watson, Captain Hook, Ray Edgar and Stuart “Melancholic” Geddes. O’Brien and Markham Holt-Damant, Frost, Lewin, Warner and Kerstin “Kermit” Thompson. Tone “Loc” Wheeler, Jan O’Conner and Sue Barnsley. Lawrence Nield, Gollings and Pidgeon. Word has it the BKK Corrigan partnership has already imploded over…..wait for it…….yes you guess it………that old chestnut……….”ideological differences.” Apparently Yoda (Corrigan) didnt like the cut of BKK’s giblets. Rhinogirl will be following this saga in detail and looking forward to the RAIA making a choice based on the abilities of one of the above teams to deliver. But of course when did the RAIA ever pick some one on the basis of merit ???


5 Responses to Venice 2008

  1. ari says:

    colour me not terribly surprised, they don’t seem to be the most compatible, i don’t think that the robot from Perfect Match would have put these two together.

    i’m not sure i care that much as long as a) we actually get there this year and b) we get a better bloody pavilion damn soon!

    b might be wishful thinking…

  2. David Neustein says:

    Just to clarify, the “BKK Corrigan partnership” didn’t implode. Peter Corrigan just decided he didn’t feel that he could make a contribution to the direction our team agreed on during brainstorming. It was all conducted in a friendly way and involved no pyrotechnics or bruised egos.

  3. kirk says:

    The issue here is what the idea of the Bienalle should be.
    Is it to showcase Australian Architects?
    Is it to showcase Australian Architecture?
    Is it to showcase Australian ideas? In the end – whatever we end up with in Venice is always going to look second rate and like a school project unless proper time is given and proper funding is allocated (from the magic money tree). For the last Bienalle Japan spent years preparing Fujimori’s exhibition. It was experimental and really interesting and would have cost a few bob to put together.
    There is NO WAY something decent can be achieved unless there is a less politically correct, non committee system of putting it together.
    Maybe the RAIA has a policy – seeing as it is under their auspices at the moment – that the Gold medal winners over the 2 year period show their work, or, a school puts forward their “concept”, or something more artistic – but there needs to be more time and money (from sources other than the RAIA).
    AND there needs to be a much better pavilion to put this exhibition in. That Cox backyard shed on the side of a canal is a absolute shocker – and a split level shed is hopeless as an exhibition space for either art, architecture or performance. Pity the curators. The best thing the Aussies were able to do at the last Art Bienalle was to get 2 of 3 artist sited elsewhere in Venice.

  4. kirk333 says:
    design competition for a new australian pavilion in venice

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