Happy World Architecture Day

I understand the traditional way to celebrate this day is to wear as much black as you possibly can, don a hat shaped like a building, perhaps even give yourself a snazzy new hair-do and then go out in the evening and drink a lot of red wine, beer, vodka, rum, absinthe, schnapps, chartreuse and anything else you fancy as long as it isn’t white wine.

The UIA is behind this event and the ‘theme’ of this year’s celebrations is the part played by the built environment in global warming. Which is a pretty damn large part. I suspect that this theme may be the result of this report from the United Nations a few months back which notes that the built environment accounts for 30 – 40% of global energy use, though the UIA reckons it is even higher at about 50%. Either way, the built environment + construction accounts for the largest single contribution to total global CO2 emissions. Which is pretty shocking.

So yes, Happy World Architecture Day.

Now go and hug a building.


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