mafia sighting

today at the city wine bar-

peter mcintyre

peter elliot

norman day

-and three other blokes i am sure were architects too, i just didn’t want to stare for too long as i got my post-lunch coffee –

all in black


15 Responses to mafia sighting

  1. ari says:

    it’s moments like those that you want super hearing, wonder what sort of plot they’re hatching?

    all in black is a dead giveaway that they’re either architects or art curators. will self wrote a really funny article a few years ago after going to the british architecture awards having a go at architects for their generally extremely uniform and relatively dour dress sense, to wit: “Even politicians look as if they’re dressing for the Rio carnival when set against you lot” and “… he’d faded into the melee and, given his grey jacket, black trousers and open necked white shirt, was indistinguishable from his fellow nonconformists.”

    yes, we are all individuals.

  2. kirk says:

    The other guys were Peter Carmichael, Robin Cocks – Norman did a fair bit of talking to “the other guy” that would be Ted Bailleau.

  3. ari says:

    and your good self kirk??

    were they hatching a plot? perhaps they’re planning an intervention to save the harold holt from peddle thorpe… i wish.

  4. kirk333 says:

    now, that would be telling – wouldn’t it.

  5. ari says:

    well, a bit i suppose…

    should we be looking out for any big announcements any time soon though? that’s not really telling, merely creating a sense of anticipation.

  6. kirk333 says:

    A book about Peter Mc Intyre is being written.
    Dyed in the wool ALP voters at the table were suggesting to Ted that he should switch camps.
    General admiration all around for architects who think a $9m commission is a pissy waste of time.

  7. ari says:

    Yeah, 9 mil, total waste of time.

    Book on Peter McIntyre is well deserved, looking forward to it. His Snellman house in Ivanhoe (perhaps Eaglemont) is one of my favourites. I also really like the Villa Snellman by Asplund which as always struck me as slightly odd, who are these Snellmans and why do they like good architecture so much?? Not that you need a reason.

  8. kirk333 says:

    Yeah, personally I don’t get out of bed for a job worth less than $15m.
    Like who would????

  9. just me says:

    Who gives a rat’s …s!
    Who are this people anyway? Are they nice people… most surely no! Are they honest? Do they pay their employees fairly? Do they pay you overtime? Do they acknowledge the 8 hours workday? Can they think beyond ‘looks’? Have they done anything great for more than their exclusive clients?
    Do they wear black because they are so insecure of themselves that they need to (externally) be told apart from the pleb? These guys need help, so do their ‘fans’.

  10. ari says:

    Hmm, not sure what they pay their employees Just Me, I’ve never worked for any of them. If you have perhaps you could let us know.

    Peter McIntyre has done some great work, and it isn’t really what i’d call ‘exclusive’. The snellman house is very modest and this is the guy that designed Smorgy’s! The only other person whose built work i know much about is Peter Elliott and the most recent project listed on his website is a pretty spunky little water recycling plant, which doesn’t exactly smack of exclusivity either.

    What makes you say they’re surely not nice people?

    As for your seeming thrust at criticising the working culture of archi offices, yeah it is often pretty crap, but I don’t think you’ll find many who will disagree with you on that point.

    But why do these guys need help? Sartorially?? Who are their fans? Presumably not yourself but I’m interested to know why you are seemingly a detractor.

  11. kirk333 says:

    What is it with the wearing black thing anyway?
    Who cares? I wear black – I consider it laziness and a bit of a habit (and I am old enough to remember ruining clothes by spilling black ink over them when recharging ink cartridges), and a lack of respect for “fashion” – like yeah – I am going to wear yellow?? or lime green ?? – oh come on! – I certainly don’t do it to intimidate people.
    And then if people are intimidated by people who wear black, surely the issue is their own? I find James Gross’s odd colour socks disturbing – and where is the outcry about that??
    Um yes, and having worked for a couple of the mafia, yes they do pay their employees fairly, in the smaller offices you probably won’t get overtime, but time off in leiu. 8 hours is the number of hours in a workday – unless there is a deadline, then the overtime rule applies.
    Anything great for their more than exclusive clients? well – let me see – I went to East Timor on a number of occasions as part of an advisory group (including John Gollings, Stephen Whitford, Jim Sinatra, David Brand, Jean Mc Lean) to the East Timorese govt. that was organised by Norman Day. NDA have an ongoing relationship with the ET govt. since 2000 and it has come pretty much out of his own pocket (except for when airfares were donated by Ansett). I can tell you that being permanently doused with Rid, taking malaria tablets, having meetings where chickens walk in and out of the meeting rooms, not knowing whether what you are doing is really of benefit when they have absolutely no money whatsoever (architecture is a luxury, but advice on how to retain their land without some the UN and their cronies who are there for solely for lining their pockets, avoiding unhealthy development, and putting restrictions on Aussie businesses who go there to build and dump raw sewerage into the harbour where the locals bathe and fish) and living in 40 degree heat 95%+ humidity ain’t glamorous. We slept 6 in a builders shed with a single crappy air con unit (I know luxury) and had to hire an old ute to get anywhere. Pure exclusivity.
    And with this group of guys? who cares? I just know them all – they are just a bunch of guys. They just all happen to be architects, who in their own ways have contributed to the profession (and you can take that however you want to). So they got spotted having lunch? So they wear black? (Well Peter Elliot wasn’t)
    Most of them barrack for Carlton – which is the issue I find most offensive.

  12. ari says:

    Carlton?? Appalling…

    Interesting experience in E. Timor Kirk.

  13. kirk333 says:

    I know – the Carlton thing is very disturbing.
    Mafia is a most appropriate title.

    E. Timor? Very interesting.
    All the student architects we met are hell bent on building 30 storey high rise glass buildings.

  14. ari says:

    So good in the tropics, those glass towers!

    An old tutor of mine thought that students almost all had an exaggerated sense of the absurd, particularly with relation to the placement of toilets… Though this is usually beaten out in first year. Went to the unimelb grad exhibition, it looked like some of the students were already working for boring developers, very sad.

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