the wonderful Detail have published a new book: what architects cook up. literally, recipes from architects.

this is possibly one of the most delightfully odd things i’ve ever heard of, wonder if the jelly city makes it in?


6 Responses to food

  1. kirk says:

    There is something a bit weird/wrong about this as an idea – like asking chefs about their favourite buildings? I don’t think this will go on the Xmas list.
    Hmmm in a Melbourne context – coming to a store near you – Ivan Rijavic’s favourite canape, Ian Mc Dougall’s killer weekend burger (best on a BBQ), I have heard Norman Day makes his own pasta, Jill Garner and Lindsay Davis’s spicy summer mezze of dips, Peter Mc Intyre’s advice on the perfect pav………….

  2. ari says:

    i’d buy a book asking chefs what their favourite buildings are! but perhaps i’m a bit of a tragic.

    this book is totally wrong, which is why it could possibly be so fabulous.

  3. FairleyTrashed says:

    This is ridiculous, architects don’t cook, in fact they hardly eat between the endless long mach’s and constant chain smoking…

    It’s like writing a book on Tibetan’s favorite beach spots.

  4. ari says:

    i just had a thought, maybe this book is really full of recipes for things you can make in 10 minutes in a microwave at the office

  5. FairleyTrashed says:

    I may cook, but I’m

    a. Not an Architect
    b. Not the kind of Architect that would ever be published in a Detail book!

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