DCM in manchester

DCM’s long awaited justice centre in manchester opens tomorrow. a review in the Guardian describes the building by the boys from Melbourne as “altogether a remarkable building” and “a radical and exhilarating piece of work”. they sound very excited.

DCM Manchester

looking through the pictures, the first thought that came to me about the building was “it looks like melbourne”. well, der really.


2 Responses to DCM in manchester

  1. Mike says:

    When presumably it should look like Manchester..?

  2. ari says:

    well, presumably. but what, if anything does Manchester look like? (almost everything i know about it i learnt from watching 24 Hour Party People so i can’t really comment.)

    i suppose it depends on your perspective on matters ontological and semiotic as to whether it should “look like” manchester.

    i guess what interested me about my own rather dumb reaction to some of the photos of the building was that it made me realise that something you thought was a quality of a particular city may actually be a quality of a particular architect’s designs.

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