5 star treatment for everyone

it was announced today by the Building Commission that from May next year, all domestic renovation and extension work will include bringing the house up to a 5 star energy efficiency rating, press release here.

this is really a much more important step than introducing 5 star for new homes, simply because the vast majority of homes in Victoria are not new, but we do love to renovate. though it will still be pretty hard to make the argument for energy efficiency on the basis that it will save you money when greenhouse gas emissions are free and thus coal fired electricity remains so amazingly cheap.


2 Responses to 5 star treatment for everyone

  1. FairleyTrashed says:

    All I can say is thank God the beach house renno designs I just completed didn’t have to be 5 star… it would have made the whole project unfeasible and extremely difficult. We have done as much as possible in the budget to make the new section 5 star, but the old part would have never got over the line.

    Many renovations are simply not going to go ahead now due to the difficulty and expense of transforming old homes into 5 star ones.

  2. ari says:

    it’s a problem, certainly. i think it might mean that some people end up moving rather than renovating (though then they’ll have to pay stamp duty, money that you get basically no return on, unlike energy efficiency measures) because it will cost a lot to get a say, 1 star house up to 5 stars.

    though i’ve heard a rumour that after COAG next year all houses being sold in oz will have to be rated and their rating disclosed to potential buyers. so people really will be able to make an informed decision as to whether they should take their 1 star house up to 5, or buy a 4 star house to renovate which would be easier/cheaper to take up to 5 stars.

    but that kind of cost/benefit analysis of the situation will always be distorted by the fact that greenhouse gas emissions are free, it too strongly distorts the equation in favour of doing nothing because it is seemingly cheaper.

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