Carpark architecture

Spotted in the local architecture-book-stocking book store recently The Architecture of Parking.


Looks like I’ve been beaten too it. I’ve had a soft spot for carpark design for years, firstly thanks to the 1920’s carpark on Lonsdale Street opposite QV but I’m also very fond of the double helix carpark on Flinders Lane and the carpark you enter from Bourke Street but which wraps around up to Meyers Place. There’s something appealing about their often somewhat brutal, unassuming but often very interesting design. I remember going along to a lecture given by someone quite important and ‘cutting edge’ a few years ago and they were extolling the virtues and wonders of continuous surfaces, talking about how ‘cutting edge’ they were. I just thought: carpark. Carparks were doing it long before it was cool!

There is a small collection of the photos from the book here.


2 Responses to Carpark architecture

  1. FairleyTrashed says:

    You’re slipping Ari, you didn’t include the greatest carpark of all time, the Melbourne University carpark under the south lawn!

    Mad Max Carpark #2

    tsk tsk….

  2. ari says:

    *embarrassment* yes, that is an amazing car park and i forgot it…

    reminds me of a photo of a roman cistern i saw in one of my history books at high school actually, and the bibliotheque nationale in paris (the old one).

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