Architects vote too

An interesting addition to the Festival of Silliness that is the current federal election campaign is the RAIA’s party poll on issues affecting architecture and the built environment.

Basically, they’ve provided a bunch of statements to the parties and asked them to respond. So far only the Greens and the Coalition have gotten back to them it seems. There is so much bloody spin in the Coalition’s response that I could barely read it without feeling ill (from the dizziness you know), though I think they basically said that they wouldn’t give any money to the Venice Biennale. But they do quite clearly and in all seriousness quote a Demographia study, so they’re obviously a pack of simplistic morons. And the Greens, jeez, why can’t they work out how to print to PDF? They also want to “promote a distinctly Australian style” within architecture. Which sounds a) impossible and b) like jingoistic crap.

The RAIA has also created three BBQ Stopper Podcasts (their term, not mine), which seem to be recorded panel discussions, on the topics of housing affordability, sustainability and nation building. Will have to investigate further and report back, because I am in fact going to a bbq this weekend, so I’ll see if shouting something from the podcasts gets everyone to shut up and stop eating.


2 Responses to Architects vote too

  1. kirk333 says:

    A distinct Australian style?
    I agree. A. Impossible and B. Jingoistic crap.
    But it is a discussion that could end in violence -hmmmmmm. I can imagine a RAIA conference that disintegrates Jerry Springer-esque, with Corrigan up the back throwing carafes of vino at anyone who mentions the phrase “touch the earth lightly” .

    The inability to save as a .pdf is a worry.

  2. ari says:

    ha! corro pitching vino! and glenn murcutt with steam coming out both ears not stoping talking for the entire thing, irrespective of whether or not anyone is listening to him.

    damn annoying those word documents.

    Labor and the Democrats have supplied their responses (both in PDF format).

    Labor’s response is only marginally shorter than the Coalition’s, but it does look better which is nice. They correctly point out that Austrade should support the service economy, though they don’t actually say if they’d fund the Venice Biennale. Like the other major party, this document is PACKED with spin, though with more in the way of actual policy and detail and less in the way of bitching than the Coalition’s.

    the Democrat’s response is very light on for detail, it seems they’ve just agreed to everything the RAIA has suggested without providing even a sentence to outline why. probably because they don’t have any money to pay someone to spend any time on it.

    interestingly, brought up housing affordability at BBQ on the weekend, it seems to worry baby boomers a lot more than gen x and y. though they of course were basically blind to the fact that the spectacular prices they’ll get for their houses will be at the expense of a lifetime’s worth of debt for some sucker gen x or y.

    i wonder though what reduced home ownership (frankly, in 10 years, a lot more people will be renting) will mean for architecture… you can’t after all make any changes to a rental property in australia like you can in europe or the US…

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