Oh no, not the view!

Apparently the view from the St Kilda Esplanade over the current concrete carpark to the beach is “unique” and must be saved! Personally, I assumed it was just another view of the beach and a somewhat unlikely one at that, fewer people walk along the footpath on the side of the Esplanade that has beach views than the other side where all of the actual (current) buildings are. That and the fact that you can look at the beach from a few other places in St Kilda…


But no, apparently it appears that ARM + Citta’s St Kilda Triangle will alter the view from the upper Esplanade. Never mind the fact that there is a seriously ugly carpark sitting in the middle of that view at the moment, or the fact that the views from the new development will be of the beach. Now, apparently there is a planning provision in place that says that beach views can’t be blocked, but being in contravention of a planning law is a different thing than sheer NIMBY-ism.

Are we still living in the bloody picturesque?


9 Responses to Oh no, not the view!

  1. ari says:

    apparently they’re getting rid of an offending restaurant (the big name chef pulled out apparently), but the residents still aren’t happy!

  2. kirk333 says:

    This is the best discussion of the triangle so far.

    While I agree the triangle is over developed – I am offended when the un chain st kilda group jump people outside polling booths to collect signatures (I thought there was something illegal about that anyway??) and when I am off for a nice night of Rockwiz at the Palais theatre – to again be jumped while in queue to sign a petition – with an image of the building that
    a. does not exist,
    b. the un chain st kilda group have produced the art work that was distributed on post cards and it does not represent the architects intentions – and they acknowledge that it has been “tweaked” by themselves.
    If you oppose something – why not challenge it with “logical argument” – turning into a loon does nothing for the case.

  3. ari says:

    That is a great article! Norman is a legend.

    I agree that the site looks overdeveloped, but I am immensely irritated by this idea that you have to maintain views from bizzare perspectives just for the hell of it. This approach privileges the viewer at the expense of everyone else, especially the people who might use the site productively, who says the viewers have any more right than anyone else??

    Besides, no one is ever going to bloody look at the beach from the middle of the road! From memory you can’t see the water from the footpath in front of the espy anyway, you have to go inside, up the stairs.

    Norman is so right with the camel analogy, design by committee is not a good idea, especially when a hell of a lot of that committee knows sweat FA about design, all they know is what they don’t like.

    Kirk, are you sure these people have turned into loons? They weren’t perhaps loons to begin with?

  4. ari says:

    This whole thing is becoming increasingly shrill… I heard someone on breakfast radio the other morning (who should have known better) say that they should just put a park there instead, despite the fact that there is already a fair bit of public open space around there.

    Love that Katsalidis has called the government “idiots” though. Fair call really.

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