The ambience of Camberwell

It appears that the Camberwell Station redevelopment is back! And the NIMBY’s aren’t happy.


Apparently even Randall Marsh‘s mum wasn’t too happy with her son’s take on the site. And you can be sure that everyone’s favourite conservative liberal art types, Geoffrey Rush and Barry Humphries, will be up in arms loudly holding forth with their very own version of Pauline’s “I don’t like it”. The resident’s action group spokesperson is priceless though “This is worse than we expected, apart from a small strip of land near the station, the entire site will be covered in buildings and the ambience of Camberwell will be destroyed forever.”

Yes dear, what will happen when those dreadful people move in to live in the apartments? They might even be something other than white anglo-saxon protestants, heaven forbid! Because really, all of these new houses that Melbourne needs, can’t they just build them somewhere else? Those new housing estates are frightfully ugly, but at least one doesn’t have to look at them. Yes, send those people out there, somewhere else away from me and my time warp.

There is also the small issue of “the ambience of Camberwell”, does this woman see nothing odd about talking about the ambience of some train tracks?

Unfortunately, there aren’t any more images on the Wood Marsh site and I can’t even find a site for the developer, Tenterfield.


5 Responses to The ambience of Camberwell

  1. FairleyTrashed says:

    Here Here!

    I bet this woman is also one of the people protesting that their private school educated, Melbourne University Arts studying, 20 something children can’t buy a house because property prices are too high…

    I’d like to take the Camberwell station and shove it up her arse where it would feel right at home with her head.

  2. kirk333 says:

    Hmmm – no more images on the Wood Marsh web site? No wonder! This was the best they could come up with?
    Sure there are people who don’t want “contemporary architecture” stuff in their back yard – hell I live in St Kilda!! And contemporary architecture is pretty evil.
    I had always thought Wood Marsh were better at the architecturey designy thingy than this (appropriate Zoolander reference there). Although there is that building in Beaconsfield Pde Port Melbourne which is very very very SNORE. What happened there? Even the Egyptian funerary thing in Domain Road looks interesting (still weird – like who would want to live in a building that looks like you bury people alive in it – OK, I confess I have been reading too many feng shui books!) in comparison.
    Please don’t tell me party drugs are being replaced by vitamin pills!
    Thank god Cassie doesn’t wear knickers.

  3. ari says:

    That building in Domain Road is pleasantly odd. I like their proposal for a coloured tower on the corner of Chapel street near the river too, but yes, this doesn’t look all that exciting.

    I really wish there were some more images though, it’s just too hard to make a reasonable assessment from one oblique render.

    But that doesn’t seem to have stopped the NIMBYs from loudly declaiming its awfulness.

    And I hate to say this, but I agree that most contemporary architecture is pretty bloody awful.

    Then again there is always the possibility that stuff from the past looks better because the crapper examples of the time have been demolished or have fallen down by now.

    For example, in 25 years we won’t remember the crappness of the apartment towers in Southbank because they’re all so badly built they will have self imploded by then! And hopefully will have been replaced by something better.

  4. kirk333 says:

    The Nick Cave of the next generation will write some fantastic song about being born in Southbank – and the ghetto hell it looks like becoming. Then it will get registered for cultural reasons (well you sure as hell ain’t going to register anything “modern” for architectural reasons – the world ended with the Edwardian’s – ho ho – take me to the Melbourne Club! Although they do let in hooligans these days. Burn those bloody modernists (vandals), and get rid of the young riff raff.)

  5. ari says:

    though it is ghetto hell behind closed doors, simply because there is ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE to congregate in public in Southbank, street life is basically non-existant.

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