Eco, schmeco

The UK’s new scheme to build a bunch of ‘eco-towns’ is being criticised as being totally stupid. the basic criticism is that you can’t say something is ‘eco’ just because it has lots of insulation, and you especially can’t say it is eco if you have bulldozed a bunch of trees to get at the land to build it on and that land is miles from anywhere else. Der.

An economist pointed out a while ago that the best way for a small town to become ‘green’ was actually to move to London. Because of the density of London, the people that live there emit 40% less GHG than the national average, whilst the inhabitants of the town emit 25% more.

I tried to argue for the benefits of density with a committed Green a while ago, in the wake of protesting against some truly badly designed new development nearby, only to find out that density just didn’t fit with this person’s idea of green. Not enough mud bricks, vegie patches or hemp it seemed.


One Response to Eco, schmeco

  1. Gerry says:

    Hi Ari,
    On the eco-theme, I’m hoping you’ll welcome news of a speaking event that Oz architect/design types might be interested in; it’s by US sustainability guru, Ray Anderson (unofficial star of The Corporation) on 4 September in Sydney’s MCA.
    Tickets & event registration details at:

    For disclosure, I’m helping Ray’s Oz biz Interface Flor, with their online PR. Would’ve emailed you first, but your contact policy says just post.
    So, thanks, Gerry.

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