Venice pavilion competition

5 March, 2008

Cafe Di Stasio are sponsoring another competition to design a new Australian Pavilion for the Venice Biennale, details are here. Thanks to Kirk for this and also to the massive ad taken out by Cafe Di Stasio in The Age on the weekend.

*sigh* if only it could actually get built…


Tarting up the towers

2 November, 2007

The Victorian Housing Minister, Richard Wynne, yesterday announced competitions to tart up the Footscray commission flats and design new low-to-medium density public housing in Dandenong. The Footscray competition is called Tower Turnaround and the Dandenong competition is called Living Places. They’re approved by the RAIA and the total prize pool is $135 000. Though it isn’t really prize money when you have to work for it, it’s remuneration.

There seems to be a lot of consternation about the ugliness of the towers, people invariably want to knock them down, but even though I don’t disagree about the ugliness, I’m really glad that the Vic Government is going to renovate them instead. Simply because you can house so many people in those tower blocks, and ugly shelter is much better than no shelter. I’m glad too that they’re building more public housing, because everyone is aware of the expense of buying a house, but there are plenty of people who don’t even have the money to rent because rents have gone up so much.

Venice 2008

17 September, 2007

Speaking of Beer Swilling OZ architects overseas the Venice 2008 shortlist looked something like this: Heneghan, Neustein, Corrigan, BKK and Soren Luckins. “Fleur” Watson, Captain Hook, Ray Edgar and Stuart “Melancholic” Geddes. O’Brien and Markham Holt-Damant, Frost, Lewin, Warner and Kerstin “Kermit” Thompson. Tone “Loc” Wheeler, Jan O’Conner and Sue Barnsley. Lawrence Nield, Gollings and Pidgeon. Word has it the BKK Corrigan partnership has already imploded over…..wait for it…….yes you guess it………that old chestnut……….”ideological differences.” Apparently Yoda (Corrigan) didnt like the cut of BKK’s giblets. Rhinogirl will be following this saga in detail and looking forward to the RAIA making a choice based on the abilities of one of the above teams to deliver. But of course when did the RAIA ever pick some one on the basis of merit ???


11 September, 2007

The nominations for the 2007 Stirling Prize are out, there’s a nice little gallery at The Guardian.

The token ‘blobby’ building up for nomination seems to be like a lot of other blobby buildings in that it kind of doesn’t look like a building but like a discreet scaleless object, something I think a lot of the big modernists buildings do too (Farnsworth house is a good example).

On the Farnsworth house, according to the wonderful Rory on The Architects this evening, Brad Pitt is shooting a Japanese jeans ad there and donating part of his fee to help fix the place up a bit.