More Venice Shenanigans

3 October, 2007

Rhinogirl is back and alive and well after a wild trip to SAHANZ in Adelaide and AASA at UTS in Sydney. As much as I tried I failed to get it on with Bert “Boner” Bongers; well almost anyway.

But the big news today is the RAIA’s 2008 Venice Biennale winning team is the Durbach/Thomspon team. I guess you would call it a kind of Melbourne Sydney compromise. The RAIA has already spread the news via double page newspaper adverts. Where does the RAIA get its spending priorities? On the one hand it is so mean when you go there for a meeeting you only get nescafe (they’re even too stingy to send emails) and on the other hand its spends big bucks promoting the Venice thing in national newspapers. I kind of feel sorry for the winning team as I am sure the RAIA expects the winner’s practices to absorb some of the 2008 exhibition costs.

But of course the really, really big news is that the Durbach Thompson team was in fact the second choice. The real winner was the Markham Obrien team. This team was selected as the winner and invited to meet with Carey Lyon to discuss the proposal over a lunch of canapes and champagne. What followed is rapidly becoming becoming another melbourne mythic narrative. (One, which I think ranks up there with the DCM/Corrigan incident at the Last Laugh, the Pam McGurr/Ivan Rijavic broken spectacles incident and of course all of the John Andrew’s incidents you have ever heard of (not too mention the Howard Raggatt Pataphysics incident.) According to eyewitnesses Michael hurled the champers bottle and the bucket at Carey after he suggested the team might like to “make a few changes” to the design. I guess that’s why Kerstin’s got the job now. Which all goes to show everytime I go away, even if it is only to Adelaide life in Melbourne’s arkatekcha scene always seem’s the same when I get back.

If your are reading this Bert I just want to say I love you and thanks for the hair product.


Venice 2008

17 September, 2007

Speaking of Beer Swilling OZ architects overseas the Venice 2008 shortlist looked something like this: Heneghan, Neustein, Corrigan, BKK and Soren Luckins. “Fleur” Watson, Captain Hook, Ray Edgar and Stuart “Melancholic” Geddes. O’Brien and Markham Holt-Damant, Frost, Lewin, Warner and Kerstin “Kermit” Thompson. Tone “Loc” Wheeler, Jan O’Conner and Sue Barnsley. Lawrence Nield, Gollings and Pidgeon. Word has it the BKK Corrigan partnership has already imploded over…..wait for it…….yes you guess it………that old chestnut……….”ideological differences.” Apparently Yoda (Corrigan) didnt like the cut of BKK’s giblets. Rhinogirl will be following this saga in detail and looking forward to the RAIA making a choice based on the abilities of one of the above teams to deliver. But of course when did the RAIA ever pick some one on the basis of merit ???

Australians in Berlin

12 September, 2007

There is an exhibition of Australian architecture on in Berlin opening today at the Deutches Architekture Zentrum, featuring work from Glenn Murcutt, Harry Seidler, Gabriel Poole, Sydney Ancher, Neville Gruzman, Stan Symonds and Robin Boyd, Wood Marsh, Collins and Turner, Iredale Pederson Hook, Kerry Hill and Terroir among others. In all there are 25 architects or firms and 50 project being shown.