Another bunch of boxes for the CBD

14 December, 2007

The Age today produced a particularly wonderful piece of journalism, singing the praises of none other than themselves!

The Age render

Yes, they’ve unveiled plans for their new building. They like them so much they’ve written about it twice. Bates Smart are the architects and Grocon will build the thing (according to their media release, they’ve already started).

It will be on the south west corner of Collins and Spencer, with a nice big lawn out the front and some colourful bits (in the render at least) and will be 5 Star, but basically it just looks like yet another collection of intersecting boxes in search of any meaning or contextual relevance.

Perhaps that is a bit harsh, I’ve only seen two renders after all. Unfortunately Bates Smart website doesn’t have any more info though.


“…it’s the academic equivalent of ‘Survivor’…”

23 November, 2007

Exhaustion, uppers, downers, crashing computers, hysterical laughter… Triple J’s current affairs program, Hack, interviewed a bunch of final year students at UQ, listen here.

Apparently, studying architecture makes your friends think you’re a wanker, well yeah, mostly…. And newsflash of the freeking century: crits suck!

Carpark architecture

7 November, 2007

Spotted in the local architecture-book-stocking book store recently The Architecture of Parking.


Looks like I’ve been beaten too it. I’ve had a soft spot for carpark design for years, firstly thanks to the 1920’s carpark on Lonsdale Street opposite QV but I’m also very fond of the double helix carpark on Flinders Lane and the carpark you enter from Bourke Street but which wraps around up to Meyers Place. There’s something appealing about their often somewhat brutal, unassuming but often very interesting design. I remember going along to a lecture given by someone quite important and ‘cutting edge’ a few years ago and they were extolling the virtues and wonders of continuous surfaces, talking about how ‘cutting edge’ they were. I just thought: carpark. Carparks were doing it long before it was cool!

There is a small collection of the photos from the book here.

aus mod houses

23 October, 2007

there’s a new book coming out next month 50/60/70: Iconic Australian Houses which looks pretty damn good, great photos and plans.

possibly the best thing about it though is that it isn’t seemingly aimed at the standard audience, i.e., it isn’t preaching to the choir (us). it is written by the editor of one of those cushion chucker style interior/design magazines, which contain most of the architectural knowledge that the australian general public will ever be exposed to. which i think says more about architects than the general public really.

also, it is published by murdoch books so it will get out to more than 3 bookshops.

as wonderful as books like Houses for the 21st Century are, they’re unlikely to reach a wide audience, which is something that i think 50/60/70 may well be able to do. and in doing so might be able to introduce a whole lot more people to the wonderfulness that was Modern domestic architecture in australia.

The value of good design

7 September, 2007

Reading in The Age the other day that Bovis Lend Lease has been announced as the new builder for the Royal Children’s Hospital redevelopment. According to the article the architects are Billard Lease and Bates Smart.

Apparently these guys won the tender on the basis of the design, which is nice.


7 September, 2007

i’m not sure what i think about this article and the attitude regarding what ‘architect-designed’ represents. i think i am being a little precious about it all and am a bit overtired so will avoid ranting for now- so, your thoughts, fellow arkatekcha-kids?

 Meyers Place review in The Age