sublime and ridiculous

12 November, 2007

Heard the other day over drinks in a city bar: in between designing some extraordinary renovations for the heritage-listed terrace of a well-known Melbourne media player -including a full-size concrete pool on the roof deck- Buro Architects are currently busy designing a 22-storey tall statue of Buddha, to be erected in Bhutan. Apparently the sculpture is currently being fabricated in China, and the current dilemma is how to get a greater that 22 storey crane set up on a mountain in a country that only has one traffic light.


Material Girl.

12 November, 2007

Went to lunch the other day with my girlfriend who writes for one of Australia’s national daily newspapers with a readership of around 800,000. She told me of her frustration in trying to get an interview with Cassy No-undies. Well at least Cassy admits to not wearing underwear (is this why she got the job off Sam?) which is more than I can say for a lot of male architects. I mean can you imagine what kind of undies Tom Kovac or Godawfullsell wear? And what about Allen Powell (is he still alive?)? I can just see him lolling about in a leopard skin g-string. Of course, down at Hassel’s South Park boxer shorts are all the rage. Me…well I prefer my male architects to keep it simple….anyway I digress so back to the Rhinogoss: After repeated calls to Cassies’ gorgeous male “assistants” not much really happened and my friend was increasingly frustrated and about to give up. All she wanted was to interview Cassy about her work and to promote architecture in general in a national daily. It really upset my friend because as she says “when Cassie was an unknown and starving RMIT graduate (and a not a very good one at that) she was as nice as platypusserypie and all over me to get published.” Amazingly, a few weeks later my journogirlfriend got an email from Cassy stating that she would only do the interview if she could be paid for it. So at what rate does Cassy charge herself out as? Unbelievably, her asking rate is $500 an hour. That’s a lot of lingerie even if you don’t wear undies. It makes me think that there is a lesson here for other woman of negligible talent ( I mean really…lets face facts that platypussery at Healesville is truly awfull..I mean whats the thing about oversized steel members ) is too just have oodles of girly charm, premium price your services and forget to wear your undies at the RAIA awards nights.

Of course the real moral of this sad story of material greed is to return phone calls to people who were generous enough to help you out when you didn’t have a job in the office.

EEA in Russia

30 September, 2007

It seems somewhat fitting to continue the theme of ludicrous mega-urban developments in countries with near-dictatorial political regimes, by sending along news of Erick van Egeraat’s design for a chain of artificial islands in the shape of Russia. Enough already.

I haven’t seen the book yet, but apparently Mike Davis is taking a critical look at these urban fantasies in his next, titled Evil Paradises: Dreamworlds of NeoLiberalism.